Studio policy

Welcome to Studio Kingma’s policy page. Here are just a few basic rules to keep everyone happy and our lessons going smoothly!

Parental attendance: Parental attendance at lessons is mandatory for students under 12 years of age. Please see my blog post on why parental attendance matters and the Suzuki philosophy on parental involvement.

Practice: 95% of the work in learning to play the violin is through regular practice. Students should practice a minimum of 5 days per week for approximately the same amount of time as their lessons. For beginners doing 30 minute lessons, this means 20-30 minutes practice time.

Semester calendar and lesson schedule: The semester calendar will be published at the beginning of each semester (First week of January, May and September). Each semester consists of 16 lessons over 4 months. Lessons on statutory holidays will normally be rescheduled at the teacher’s discretion, usually on the fifth week of a month where available.

Cancellation policy/makeup lessons: Students must inform the teacher a minimum of 72 hours in advance if they can’t attend a regularly scheduled lesson, except in case of illness. A maximum of one cancellation per semester will be granted a makeup lesson, except where the cancellation was on my end or in extenuating circumstances. Keep in mind that the studio is only open for lessons Tuesday evening, Friday and Saturday afternoons for rescheduling lessons and many of these time slots are already taken. If you miss a scheduled lesson, you have the option of only 2 or 3 time slots to make it up.

Late fees: Invoices which have not been paid within 30 days of the invoice will be subjected to a late payment fee of 1.5% per month.

Your cooperation with these policies is greatly appreciated. Students/parents who fail to adhere to these policies may not be invited to return for lessons in the following semester.