Private šŸŽ» lessons violin and viola:

20180323_220819_0001.pngI offer violin lessons for all ages 4+.

Curriculum follows the standards set in the Royal Conservatory of Music violin syllabus. Students will learn scales, fingering exercises, etudes and repertoire, as well as elements of music theory.

These “building blocks” of music all contribute to growing a well-rounded musician.

building blocks

Violin rental:

Instrument rental is offered to active students only. Availability is limited.

Instrument rental is $20/month plus a $50 damage deposit. If a violin is damaged beyond repair while in your care, replacement value will be as agreed in the instrument rental contract.

Performance at Music Festivals and RCM exams

All students are strongly encouraged to participate in local and/or regional music festivals. Check out various music festivals in SE Alberta via the links page. These events are a great opportunity to showcase your talents and get tips and tricks from visiting adjudicators.

Royal Conservatory of Music examinations are another way for students to develop their musical abilities. Visit for more information. And did you know that students can get high school credits for successfully passing Grade 6-8 exams?

Music ensembles

20180323_221059_0001.pngAll students with 3 yearsĀ lesson experienceĀ are invited to participate in music ensemble classes.Ā Ensemble classes help students develop their ability to follow a conductor and add a lot of fun to playing. Ensemble classes are 20$/hour.