Private 🎻 lessons violin and viola:

20180323_220819_0001.pngI offer violin lessons for all ages 5+. Check out my blog post “When should my child start music lessons?

Viola students may prefer to begin with violin lessons as it can be difficult to find violas suitable for young children. The technique is readily transferable later on to the slightly larger instrument.

Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes. $45/HR

Violin rental/sales:

Instrument rental is offered based on availability in the size you require. I have several violins between 1/8 and 4/4 available. An instrument rental contract is required, which will specify replacement value if the instrument is damaged beyond repair while in your care.

Instrument rental is $20/month.

Violins available for sale/rent can be viewed at my sales/rental page.

You are of course free to purchase an instrument elsewhere. While there are many available online, I would not recommend buying a violin without trying it first. Ideally, you would get a 1-week trial during which you could bring it to your instructor to evaluate the quality.

One final caveat: While you may be tempted to buy a cheap instrument, thinking it will be outgrown within a year, remember that for that year, you will be hearing your child play on that instrument several hours a week. Consider that it might be worthwhile to invest in a higher-quality instrument, both for your own listening pleasure but also because it may encourage your child to continue playing if she can produce a lovely sound even on a 1/4 size.

Early childhood 🎶 music 🎶 classes

Early childhood music classes for preschoolers age 3-4 are 10 weeks long. Kids will get an introduction to music through singalongs, rhythm instruments, activities and games. Classes are 45 minutes and class size 4-6. 150$. Note that these classes will usually be held at the JBS centre. Next class dates TBA, email for information.

Music ensembles

20180323_221059_0001.pngAll students are invited to participate in music ensemble according to ability. Ensemble classes are normally scheduled for one Saturday afternoon per month. You will practice your part in your private lesson and then get together for a 1-hour group practice. Ensemble classes help students develop their ability to follow a conductor and add a lot of fun to playing. Ensemble classes are 25$/hour.

My Qualifications

I have 34 years of experience playing the violin, since the tender age of four. I took weekly lessons for the first 14 years and began teaching at 16. I taught beginner and intermediate students under the supervision of my instructor for about 6 months before being a solo teacher for several years. I’ve studied various teaching methods, including the Letourneau Method, Suzuki and Kodaly. I am currently a member of the Alberta Kodaly Association for music teachers.

I’ve also played in small ensembles including a string quartet and a trio with piano and flute. I played second violin in the Quebec Conservatory of Music senior orchestra for four years. I’ve performed in a variety of venues as a student, both solo and with these ensembles. I’ve also been lucky enough to get a gig or two with a band over the years playing some fiddle tunes.