Music Festivals & Exams

Examinations and festivals are an important part of student development, and give you the opportunity to get feedback from a violin professional like a festival adjudicator or RCM examiner.

Local and Regional Music Festivals

Festivals are a great performance opportunity for young musicians. Adjudicators are well respected music professionals from all over Western Canada and the US Pacific Northeast. And top performers at local festivals have the opportunity of going on to the provincial festival, held each year in Edmonton.

Festival fees for 2019 were $15-$20 per class for junior participants (12 and under) and $20-$25 per class for senior participants. Students have the option of participation at local or regional festivals in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Brooks.

Students should register for a minimum of one class at their grade level at the local festival.

Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations

RCM examinations are a way of recognizing student progress at the end of each lesson year. They also allow the student to be evaluated by a highly qualified professional musician, in all areas of their musical development. Think of it like final exams after a year of school. They mark the end of a period of achievement and usually, the break before the start of the next one!

RCM examinations at higher grades can be used for high school credit equivalency and there are also bursaries and awards available to top performers. Find out more at the Royal Conservatory of Music. You can learn about the exam process, watch videos of actual examinations in progress and see how to get credits.

Exam Dates & Fees

Studio Kingma students are strongly encouraged to undertake the RCM certification program. Current fees for RCM examinations range from $59 at the Preparatory Level to $155 for Level 4.

Examinations are normally held in January, April, June and August, according to the RCM exam schedule.

Collaborative Piano at Festivals & Exams

Note that for music festivals and examinations, violin students are normally required to perform with a collaborative pianist. If you decide to participate, we will discuss repertoire and fees for accompaniment. For the local festival and exams held in Medicine Hat, there is no charge up to RCM Level 4.

Mock RCM Exams

While RCM examinations are not required, students will be given a mock exam at the end of the lesson year, which will be marked in accordance with RCM standards. Based on this exam, you will get a certificate of achievement and with top marks, you are eligible for a special surprise.

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