Private ­čÄ╗ lessons violin/viola and piano:

20180323_220819_0001.pngI offer violin, viola and piano lessons for all ages 4-99+.

Whatever your preferred style of music, whether it’s┬áclassical (from Vivaldi to Mozart to Paganini), fiddle, jazz, movie theme songs, or gospel, we can play it!

Of course, at the same time we learn scales, practice fingering exercises and develop understanding of music theory. building blocks

Using curriculum standards from the Royal Conservatory of Music, we’ll take all these “building blocks” of music┬áto┬ádevelop a well-rounded musician.

*Also ask about my experience in teaching  visually impaired and physically disabled clients.*

Tiny Tunes

Tiny Tunes is an introduction to music program which runs every fall/spring semester for 10 weeks. Children 3-5 years old learn the basics of music, including rhythms and basic notation, dynamics and pitch of the musical scale using Kodaly hand signs. Activities include rhythm games, singalongs, listening activities with classical music and more. Groups of 3-6 children with parental attendance.


Little Strings

The Little Strings program is a group lesson program for young beginner violinists (4-6 years old). Learning the basics of playing the violin with friends makes this a great program for youngsters. Groups of 2-4 with parental attendance.



Theory instruction is included with private and group lessons for beginner students (up to RCM Grade 4). This includes learning about reading music (staffs, notes, rhythm, pitch), scales, intervals, musical terms and signs, and an understanding of the instruments in the orchestra.

For intermediate to advanced students pursuing RCM examinations, theory lessons are offered separately for Grade 5 to 8. Classes are offered weekly, group or semi-private (varies upon demand), from January to April in order to coincide with RCM examinations normally held in early May.