About Studio Kingma 2.0

Welcome to Studio Kingma 2.0

Studio Kingma 2.0 grew out of my lifelong love of music and learning and a desire to pass on this love to children. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the joy on a child’s face when they master a new skill they never thought they could, and realize that they CAN do it!


Early in my violin career, c.1985

“Why 2.0?”, I hear you ask. For this, you have to go to my grandparents’ time, in the 1960s and 70s in The Netherlands. They ran a small business, called Studio Kingma, tutoring and providing after-school homework support. It’s in my genes, you might say!

I studied violin from the age of 4, primarily under the tutelage of well-known Quebec violin educator Mr. Claude Letourneau. At 16, I started teaching beginners as a student teacher in Mr. Letourneau’s violin school. Since then, despite moving several times for work, I’ve continued to share my love of the violin with young and young-at-heart.

Please check out the services offered page or watch some of my videos (coming soon!), where I demonstrate elements of technique or play the same pieces I ask my students to perform. Or contact me directly to set up your first free lesson! I’m looking forward to meeting you.