100 Days of Bruch

The dog days of summer are here. Time to get our last few evenings out on the deck making barbeque, because before you know it, we’ll all be hibernating again!

Here at Studio Kingma, I am taking a couple of weeks well-earned rest to get ready for the fall semester. After my (hopefully) successful RCM exam on Monday, I have put away the violin for a bit. I’ll be sprucing up the studio and updating handouts to start fresh on September 1st.

However, I am excited to share my new project for the fall which I am calling 100 Days of Bruch #100DaysofBruch.

Recently, I took the plunge and created an Instagram account for the first time. I know, I know… I’m behind the times!! But I had not considered Instagram because I haven’t done a lot of pictures or videos in the past. But when I came across this project, I knew I had to be a part of it.     

What is #100Days?

I don’t really know where #100Days came from, just that it was started on Instagram to document the creative process. I first came across it in this article in Strings Magazine about Hilary Hahn’s Instagram project to practice violin for 100 Days.  

Colour me intrigued. I had no idea it would be so fascinating to watch the creative journey of a professional musician. And it’s very inspiring to see that even a musician as successful as Hilary Hahn has things she struggles with in her daily practice. Check out #100DaysofPractice at violincase on Instagram.

My 100 Days Project

So here I am, with an idea to create my own 100 days project. As much as I’d love to create an authentic video series of what practice “actually” looks like when you follow Itzhak’s rule of 3s (where practice is 1/3 scales, 1/3 technique and etudes and 1/3 repertoire), I very much think that watching me practice 4th finger vibrato or scales every day will be just as exciting as watching paint dry. So instead, I’ve decided to devote 100 days to learning an entirely new piece of repertoire that I’ve never played before.

Enter Bruch’s Concerto for violin in G minor. 100 days from sight reading to performance ready. Here’s a taste of what it “should” sound like:

 Wish me luck!

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