Kiwanis Southeast Alberta Science Fair!

It’s been another crazy busy day for Studio Kingma. Early this morning, I set off for Medicine Hat for the day so I could attend the Science fair. The day started off with some delicious waffles provided by Medicine Hat college for the volunteer judges. After some chitchat with my fellow judges, many of whom are also my colleagues out at Suffield, our real work began.

3 hours of judging projects studying everything from the relative density of various concentrations of sugar water to novel applications for spices and essential oils to innovative ideas for renewable energy projects. There were also various educational workshops covering subjects like 3-D printing, how to extract DNA from strawberries and even a “make your own slime” activity!

I was very impressed by the variety and thoughtfulness of the projects on display. It was very difficult for us judges to decide who the winners would be, but we got there in the end. I’m pleased to note that the Defence Research and Development Canada award was won by Malak, who hails from Duchess (yay!) for her project on using thermal energy from lakes to produce electricity. Congratulations Malak!

You can check out some of the pictures taken during the day at their FB page:

Kiwanis Southeast Alberta Science Fair

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  1. It was very nice meeting you. It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to explain my project to you and I am glad you like it. Very excited to represent Southeastern Alberta at the Canada Wide Science Fair in May! – Malak


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